This is the first time I’m giving feedback on anything. This internship is definitely more than just an Internship, it’ll have an impact on your personal and professional life. Let’s understand why this internship stands out from the crowd.

1. Best Marketing/Business Internship:

This is the best Internship in India for so many reasons because it’s not only focusing on the word digital, it tells you about a whole different universe of Marketing & Business. It’ll take you to a journey of the business world, from finding your niche, becoming expert in that niche (How to- Step by Step) and then starting your own business. It has it all and the skills you’ll learn is exactly what you need, it’s to the point not overwhelming you with information. They’ll show you a path and then let you do the work, which is the right way in my opinion because that’s how you’ll learn the real-life situations. There is a cost which you’ll give upfront but after completing every assignment you’ll get back most of your money. Technically, this internship is almost free given, you complete your assignment every week. There’s not a better deal than this. In future, the cost of the internship will change but that’s not a big deal, it’s worth your time.

2. Totally different approach:

Its approach is different because unlike others it’s Deepak Sir (Your Mentor) who’s giving you lessons and open discussions after the live class. Other courses will give you videos at once and that’s all, it’s not how it is done here. The level of personalization is just different from others. You’ve got videos, assignments after every class, a class on how assignments will be done and the doubts regarding the class. I also like the fact that Deepak sir gives a lot of opportunities to make extra money, you don’t get these opportunities everywhere. He really tries to help you make money while you’re in the internship and now he also has introduced an affiliate program which again is a good way to earn a few bucks. So overall they are focused on your real learning and earning. What else do you need?

3. Pushes you to take necessary action for learning the skill:

After you’ve finished the video lecture you’ll receive an assignment which is not just a simple assignment, it’ll put you in an uncomfortable situation where you’ll do things out of your comfort zones like making a video for YouTube, Speaking in front of the public, Making calls to Businesses for pitching your services and many more situations. I think these assignments are really helpful for facing real life situations and by doing these different assignments you’ll have a lot of projects under your belt which will help you in getting a job. So, these assignments will push you to make things work and in the process, you’ll learn a lot. One thing I would like to mention is that you’ll surrounded by a community which is just like you and eager to learn and perform assignments. The benefit of having a community is that, they’ll push you to do better; there is a sense of competition, so you’ll ultimately give your 200% in every task given to you. Just watch out there are a lot of different ways which forces you to take action even if you’re not willing to do anything.

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4. Cash back Bonuses every week:

Do you know why you’ll complete the assignments? Because after completing every assignment you’ll earn a cashback of ₹1000 or more (This is based on previous internships, it can change in future). So you are getting all these skills and Deepak sir is putting in so much effort every day and also giving you the opportunity to earn the money back which you’ve invested by completing assignments. So there will be an extra motivation for you to complete the assignment in the given deadline. What else you can ask for? This is really an amazing opportunity in my opinion for learning Digital Marketing or Marketing as a whole for almost no money. In future, the cost of Internship may increase but currently, it’s free if you complete every assignment. Don’t you think this is fascinating? Well, I do. I said earlier, you’ll be pushed to do the work even if you don’t want to do the necessary work. That’s the beauty of money.

5. It goes much deeper than Digital Marketing:

Everyone nowadays thinks of Digital Marketing differently, in this internship, I learned that Digital word is definitely overrated because what you need to learn and understand is marketing. Digital is just the medium as previously it was radio, newspapers. Marketing is the Keyword here not digital marketing. How brands work, how the product is more important than everything. Definitely, Digital marketing skills will be taught in detail but he’ll tell you more about business, how to start a startup? How can you start from the bottom? There’s a whole lot of learning more than digital marketing in this Internship for you and there are 4 additional weeks as a bonus. So you’re in here for a lot of stuff.

6. Guidance on how to start your career in any field:

What I like most about the Internship is the sequence in which training is programmed. It starts off by giving you techniques of choosing a niche, a lot of different ways to do research. It sets the tone of your journey. He has explained 6 ways from where you need to start, how to start, what to do and what to not do. As the internship ends you’ll end up with a goal on which you can work on. It’s a perfect setup for your career lying ahead of you. The reason this internship is different is because it offers you everything that you can ask for. When you select your niche then every assignment after that will be applicable to your niche from making a blogging website to running different campaigns on it. Your every assignment will add value to the current project you’re working on. It’ll not go in vain.

7. Deep Personal Touch:

This is one of the best qualities of the Digital Deepak brand, Deepak believes in Deep Marketing. Once you’ve connected to Deepak you’ll receive personalized emails giving you quality information about life and Business/Marketing. The way brands generally connect is not on the personal level, they don’t connect to you personally but Deepak does. We love human interaction and prefer human interaction over any bot or app talking to us. So I’m really surprised how Deepak has managed to form a connection with me and I’m telling you when. The way brands generally connect is not on the personal level, they don’t connect to you personally but Deepak does. We love human interaction and prefer human interaction over any bot or app talking to us. So I’m really surprised how Deepak has managed to form a connection with me and I’m telling you when you read his stuff you’ll not stop until it’s finished. It’s so well written, he knows what you want to hear. So, hats off to Digital Deepak.

8. Opportunities:

With so many bonuses already, they also give job opportunities. At the end of the Internship, you’ll be given opportunities for job and top 100 Students (As of now) get bonus money as the result of their performance. I think you don’t even need to look out for someone to give you an opportunity. You’ll have a ton of knowledge on Digital Freelancing, it’s something that you can work on and build a career out of that. Deepak sir promises less and delivers much more, you’ll feel it yourself because he’ll give you a lot of opportunities to make money other than weekly video lectures and assignments.

So, long story short this is a full package in form of an Internship. Whatever you pay is less because you’re getting a lot in return. I definitely recommend this Internship to everyone interested in learning Digital marketing. I would even say this is a must for future digital marketers because this internship is the real deal with zero nonsense and zero fake promises. It’s an eye-opener. I’ll encourage everyone interested to see yourself how life changing this internship can be for you.

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