we’ve been talking about gradual ascendance in Indian Sports for a long time now but are we really moving in the right direction when it comes to sports? Let’s dive into it and find out why we’re not good at sports.

1. Lack of Guidance/Awareness in the Education System:

A development of a player starts at a very young age, say 7-8 yrs. During this time it’s the responsibility of a school to find the talent in kids and start nurturing them. Awareness among kids about sports will itself spark a change and we’ll see a huge number of kids thinking of pursuing a career as a sports professional. The best thing schools can do is to put a kid in the best environment surrounded by sports. Schools can play a vital role in the development of a young sports player.

2. Corruption:

Now you must be thinking how corruption is a factor in sports but the reality is it is one of the most important factors that is affecting the sports culture in India. The people who are in authority do not care about students future. They don’t have the motivation to help bring a sports culture that will make India one of the best but that is not what they want, they are all greedy people who take all the money that govt. has funded for Sports and keep in their pockets. Higher Authorities should have people who are passionate about sports and can Inspire others to take sports as a career.

3. Lack of Facilities at Grass Root Level:

We’ve 31.5 crore students in schools, out of which 1.5 crore students are studying in schools which are not even functional. Only 30% of students enrolling in class 1st graduates from class 12th, 50% grade 5 students can’t read textbooks. These are some serious numbers but these numbers can’t be denied. For us to build a sports culture, we’ve to build the foundation for kids to succeed in future. Having a Practice facility at every location is important, along with facilities every city should have a good coach who can guide the players and help them nurturing.

4.Traditional Thinking about Career:

It’s 2020 but we still are trapped in traditional ways of choosing a career path. We don’t see sports as a career because of insecurities. Engineer, Doctor, lawyer are the only profession that a kid can pursue because it is advertised as a secured career path. And it is in some ways correct because there are not enough jobs in the sports sector to make a parent think about letting his child play sports. We need a lot of quality coaches, trainers to excel but we don’t have many. There’s a need to change the way we think to propel in the right direction.

5. Bad Parenting:

Lastly, I think the parents play a huge role in the development of a sports player. We’ve heard many stories of players getting support from their families. Supporting a kid at a young age is important for his/her confidence. Parents are not aware of introducing their kids to sports at a young age. Parents can provide a pathway to a kid by enrolling in great practice facilities. Good Parenting is Important. Many wannabe sports professionals are not where they want to be because of bad parenting.

If you agree to these factors, let me know in the comment section.